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Who We Are

KODEX, which pioneered the ETF market in Korea, is continuing its innoovative reserath
and investor educatin to broaden the base for ETF investment.
KODEX is aiming to become an ETF management company that looks beyoud the domestic market and aspires
to lead the way in the global market.

Market leader and the best ETF solution provider in Korea

KODEX has been at the forefront of progress in the domestic ETF market with innovative products since the listing of KODEX 200, Korea’s first ETF in 2002.
We have carried out educational and marketing activities to broaden the base of ETF investors and solidify our position as a pioneer in the domestic ETF market. Between 2009 and 2010, we launched Asia’s first inverse and leverage ETFs to establish our presence as a pioneering ETF operator not only in Korea but in Asia.

Furthermore, KODEX recently researched and developed means to use ETF in deploying a Factor Investing strategy. A Factor Investing strategy refers to a strategy that enables the investor to pursue the advantages of passive and active funds by taking advantage of various factors related to active funds that allows for excess returns over the market average to be sought. Currently, KODEX products feature a variety of smart beta ETFs that utilize factors such as value, quality, momentum, low volatility, and dividends.

We are also accelerating our provision of asset distribution solutions using ETFs, i.e., providing ETF Managed Portfolios (EMPs). Moving forward, KODEX will go beyond the domestic market and grow into a ETF management company that spearheads the global market.

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  • No. of Products

  • Net Assets

    KRW 22.5 trillion

* As of end of Jan,10 2019


  1. 2018 ~ 2017
    • Total net assets reach KRW 20 trillion
    • KODEX net assets reach KRW 15 trillion
    • Expansion of factor-based smart beta ETF lineup, completion of ETF wealth management platform,
    • Listing of KODEX 200 TR, KODEX MSCI Korea TR (2 types), Korea’s first total return equity products
    • Listing of KODEX Active Bond, the first Korean ETF tracking the KAP Korea Total Market Bond Index
  2. 2016 ~ 2015
    • Listing of KODEX KOSDAQ 150, KODEX KOSDAQ 150 Leverage, and KODEX KOSDAQ150 Inverse ETFs, contributing to the popularization of KOSDAQ investment
    • Listing of KODEX KOSPI and KODEX MSCI Word (2 types), Korea’s first broad market index products
  3. 2014
    • Diversification to products such as overseas sector ETFs and leveraged overseas stock ETFs based on adoption and development of diverse investment methods
  4. 2010 ~ 2009
    • Listing of KODEX Inverse, Asia’s first -1x inverse ETF and KODEX Leverage, Asia’s first 2x leverage ETF
      after Opened up new horizons for Korean ETF market and inspired greater awareness of ETFs’ varied utility
    • Listing of first fixed-income ETF in Korea (2009)
  5. 2008
    • Listing of KODEX Samsung Group, first theme-based ETF in Korea
      after Proved ETF based on theme not market index could succeed, paving the way for diversified product lineup in Korea’s ETF market
  6. 2007
    • Listing of KODEX China H, Korea’s first overseas ETF following Honk Kong’s HSBC index
  7. 2002
    • Listing of KODEX 200, first ETF in Korea, setting the foundation for the domestic ETF market